Rewritten by Lin Stone in 2011 CE.

As Inspired from an original story
Edited by Watty Piper in 1922 CE.


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Once upon a time there was a pretty little princess with a heart so pure and sweet that everyone called her SnowFlake.  She was very happy most of the time, but she had a wicked mistress named Lady "Gertrude" that made her study hard in a cold little room at the top of the windy castle where the cold wind whistled; it blew so hard that it almost shrieked.

Everyone knew Gertrude was the fairest woman in King Henry's court.  She used the costliest beauty creams in the world and she had two hair dressers to wait on her hand and foot.  Every time she appeared in King Henry's court all the knights and princes would bow to her in honor of her fair beauty.

She longed to sit beside King Henry and be his Queen, but he was a very wise man and knew of her wiles and ways.  Years ago he had married Gertrude's mother, Lorali, a kind and beautiful widow, because she would be the perfect mother for tiny SnowFlake, who was just a babe back then.

Her father's name was Henry and he was King over all the realm, so, many other kings would come to see him to help them on matters of state.  SnowFlake loved to dance for King Henry and no one could dance as smoothly on the King's marble floor, or spin around on their toes as quickly as SnowFlake could.

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