Prepared by Lin Stone
in the year of 2014


This is NOT public domain

Listen to this message.

Not so long ago a group of big boys beat up some little kids in the class beneath them.  After they had roughed Johnny up quite a bit they sternly warned him how bad the consequences would be if he told on them.

Then they gave him a key to safety:  "Tattlers are sissies.  Nobody likes a sissy. 

"We beat the tar out of sissies."

But as it so happened, Johnny had a big brother that loved him.  His big brother noticed all the marks of a fight and doctored up the scratches on his face then put salve on the deeper wounds.  He became very angry for his little brother's sake.  "This much damage didn't come from one boy; who did this to you?"

"I'm not a tattler," Johnny said with a lump in his throat. 

"Tattlers are SISSIES," he explained.

"Mean kids are the only ones that want you to believe that kind of lie," said his big brother.  "They were too scared to tattle when they were your size,, so they ended up being pushed around and beat up until they gave up completely and became members of the very gang that beat them up so often. 

"Gangs love kids that are too scared to tattle.

"They know they will be in big, bad trouble if someone has enough courage to tell on them.  They can't keep pushing little kids around if someone is brave enough to tell on them, so they want you to be so scared of telling on them that you wet your pants. 

"The truth is: it takes just as much real courage for a child to stand up to a bunch of mean kids as it does for a grownup to identify the criminals that steal their money and beat them up. 

"Tattlers are tough.  They have to be very, very tough.
"Tattlers are brave enough to stand up for their rights.  It takes a lot more courage to tell on those gangs than it does to just let them go on beating you up.
Tattlers are very, very brave!"

The little boy wondered all week if his big brother was right.  When the next Friday came the big boys caught him again.  They pulled his pants down and beat him on the rump with a long stick. They let him stand up and then the biggest bully on the block punched him in the nose.  "Oh, this is fun," he said.  Then he struck Johnny in the belly repeatedly.

"Johnny!" said the big brother.  "Come here and stand beside me."

The big bully was so surprised that he let Johnny go.  "Are you here to fight us?" he asked haltingly.

"I am only here to keep you from hitting Johnny.  If you big boys want to punch each other out, that is fine with me."

Turning around the big bully stared at his buddies.  "Can you believe this chicken?"

"For thousands of years bullies like you have had it all your way.  You get a gang up and thrash kids that are smaller than you are, one at a time.  That won't work when the smaller kids get together to keep each other from being pounded on."


Kid stuff is: one on one among friends who will be friends again if you will stay out of the way.

Parents are told the lie that young bullies, gangs and frighteners at work on and off school grounds are just acting like kids, and because they can remember being unable to deal with this same stuff when they were kids, they don't know what to do now about this vicious circle. 

The fact is:

If our kids can be made to go to school,
then our schools must be made safe enough for our kids to go to school. 

The time to stop bullies and frighteners is when they are young.  Children need to be told the truth early on: Tattlers are brave.  Tattlers are heroes.  Tattlers can be the scouts that help put a stop to this ancient terror that trains bullies up in ways they boldly should not go. Tattlers are really the only ones who can put bullies on ice.  

When the tactics of bullies keep working for them the bullies successfully grow into criminals, drug pushers and roving gang members terrorizing our streets.  Those are their heroes.  Those are their role models.  That is what they want to become when they grow up.

Yes, One on one among friends is kid stuff.  But a gang of little bullies is nothing but a vicious gang and their terrorist tactics must be stopped while there is still time.

It takes a hero to stop them.

It takes a hero to speak up.

Do you want your kids to be heroes -- or do you prefer them to be punching bags for the rest of their lives?

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