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Peter Pan came as a thief in the night and carried off all three of the Darling children. He carried them off to the realm of Neverland, and life was never the same again in the Darling home.

They truly had a powerful forewarning. As she was rummaging through Wendy's mind one night after her children were asleep, Mrs. Darling occasionally found things she could not understand, and of these quite the most disturbing was the word “Peter.” The name was disturbing because she knew of no Peter, and yet suddenly his name was tucked in here and there everywhere in Wendy's mind and soon it began to be scrawled all over the minds of John and Michael.

The name of Peter stood out sharply in in Wendy's mind, chiseled in bolder letters than any of her other words, and as Mrs. Darling pondered that name she felt sure that it had an oddly cocky appearance.

At last she asked Wendy “Is Peter a little cocky?

"Yes, he is rather too sure of himself," Wendy admitted with regret. “and it often gets him into bad trouble.”

"But who is this boy Peter, my pet?"

"Why, he is Peter, Peter Pan, the Prince of Neverland. He said that once upon a time he knew you too, but you grew up and ran away, mother so now he has come to visit us."

At first Mrs. Darling could not remember any Peter Pan back in her life, but later on the next day as she sat rocking in her chair just before going in for her afternoon nap, and while drifting off to sleep, she just almost remembered a curious little boy named Peter Pan that she had heard rumors of as a mere child.

She felt the strangest sensation as she thought of him, and she quit rocking for a long time as she tried to remember more detail. At last the memory came clear that someone had said that when children died too young Peter Pan went part of the way to heaven with them, so that they should not be frightened by goblins along the way. That was all, and it worried her -- as if this might be some kind of a sign.

Mrs. Darling drew herself up wide awake with a hearty laugh; sign indeed! Such truck must be forgotten as we grow up. Right?

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