Chickens Are 
Cute Little Carnivores
Copyright 2012 CE. by Lin Stone

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Joyce Hansen, better known as the Chicken Lady in Mena Arkansas, has a special sale on every year in the week of Good Friday.  Baby chicks, still wet and fresh from the egg, are sprayed with food coloring in various colors.  Then they are delivered to Joyce at the Parks & Hansen, Inc. -- the feed, seed and fertilizer store on Fourth and Gillham. 

Some are red, some are green
and all of them are fuzzy, wuzzy cute.

People just reach into the box and pluck out a chick with the color they want.

"The food coloring doesn't hurt them a bit," says Joyce.  "One of my granddaughters has kept a rooster for three years now.  She says he's just about ready to decorate the family crock pot."

The colors wear off gradually over a period of three or four weeks, fascinating one and all with their splendorous colors. 

THEN, they look like THIS by the time they're grown!

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