from the Unicorn

by Lin Stone


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No matter what the calendar said, it was the first day of Spring.

Joe breathed deep and his gaze clung to the fresh white buds springing forth on the wild plum trees. The new grass was knee high to a grasshopper and Joe's old clod hoppers were soaked with fresh dew.

A Blue Jay was arguing with an Northern Mocking Bird that Joe couldn't see and a full busted Robin Red Breast perched on a lower limb with his eye cocked at a worm hole in the grass. A little Tufted Titmouse flitted through the brush and claimed the fiery flowered redbud tree for his own.

No matter what the calendar said, it was the first day of Spring and Joe was glowing with the strong wine sap of youth.

Even in the winter time Joe walked a mile or two every day across country dells but on this first day of spring he walked three - and by going one mile more he found the baby Unicorn's nest.


2. The Myths From Man's Past

There are two kinds of myths that cling to man's troubled past.
First is the monsters we have invented in order to frighten little children into seeing the dark shadows of night ebb and flow into demons worse for never been. "Here comes the bogey man with claws like knives that can rip away that heart from your breast."

The inventions strike fear in the youthful heart and nightmares stream from shadows made too dark by the idler's tail.

The Second Myths are made from musings men have seen in bright of day because we see something new, different and the youthful heart hopes they might have been.

It is strange, the myths meant to frighten have dimmed and floated away while the myths of the hopeful heart sharpen and grow more clear. Two mythical sightings have been with us since man left his caves behind. One is the little men, and the other, is the Unicorn. It is said that both hide their treasures and are seen best in sparks of sudden light. All true believers know, they might have been.

"Aye, me laddie, and they still might be."

As the last fleeting shadows are stamped out and explored, many myths have been found, and others have at least been explained. Myths still linger about the Unicorn and the Little Men. Man knows with a sigh that they must have been -- and the tales linger on with a light that cannot be quenched.

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At first he thought the baby unicorn was a fawn. His foot halted in mid-air and he grinned with delight. It was wonderful to see a fawn nestled down in the freckled brush, not knowing it was seen. Joe determined to hold the moment dear for an hour if the fawn didn't move. Three minutes, four minutes, maybe even five he waited frozen in place. Then he saw the tiny, budding horn and realized he was seeing a miracle, a baby unicorn fresh from the womb. Maybe it couldn't even walk yet, it was so still. The mother? Joe's gaze raked the forest glen and saw her not. "Gone for water most like."
Joe put his foot down with his heart hammering. He knew just what he was going to do, snatch that baby unicorn up into his arms and carry it home with him.

Like all the forest people Joe knew that when a unicorn cried its tears turned into diamonds. How much trouble could it be to make a baby unicorn cry? A little pinch? A dip of snuff? And every tear would turn into a diamond.

Joe took his clod hoppers off and set them to one side. Touching his clod hoppers made him sick that day; all the kids in school wore oxfords or even brand-name sneakers. His clod hoppers were old too, coming apart. "With my first diamond I'll get a dozen pair of shoes, and with my second one I'll get new clothes. Won't nobody make no more fun of me! No sir."

He inched forward half way on tippy-toes, hardly breathing - he went so slow. Then he slowly lowered himself to the ground and crawled the rest of the way. Only inches from his prize Joe noted the deep breaths taken by the unicorn and wondered how he had come so close. Then his mind worried about something else. "How do you catch a unicorn with your bare hands?

Around the neck? it could twist away. One hand around the throat and the other behind the rump, like it was a fawn? its little hooves could rip him to pieces. Could you catch it by the horn? its little horn might be fragile and break in a sudden snap. Oh my. Oh my. How do you catch a unicorn? Nobody had ever told him that!

Joe decided to slip his strong right arm around the creature's belly and with his left draw that little horned head beneath his arm pit. No sooner thought than done, Joe lunged forward and caught the unicorn just that way.

Oh what a frenzy of frantic struggles it put up. It whinnied, it bleated, it kicked, it jerked and it struggled but, with his heart set on diamonds, Joe snatched up his prize and hurried away home. There was a little place in the barn where no one ever went and to this secluded little stall Joe carried his prize, little horn and all.

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Just to be sure the unicorn could not escape, Joe put an old gate across the top.  Then he put in a flake of choicest hay for the little fellow to eat.  But the unicorn did not eat.  "He'll be hungry enough to eat by in the morning," said Joe.  He watched his prize with awe until his mother called him into the house for breakfast.

Johnny cake and sorghum molasses was all they had, but with visions of little diamonds dancing in his head, Joe ate it all and asked for more.  "He's a growing boy and worth a fortune to his mom," said his mother as Joe's father looked askance at the empty plate.

Joe wanted to hug himself with that thought, a fortune?  Oh, if only she knew.  "There will be a handful of little diamonds to put on my plate this morrow."

His eyes glowed.  "All I have to do is make my unicorn cry."

As the second day of spring came aspringing Joe clad his feet in the clod hoppers and carried himself right outside.  What a glorious golden sun glowed in the morning sky.  Little blue birds twittered as they tugged little twigs and straw to build their nest in the budding plum tree. A flaming red cardinal dipped to a halt upon the handle of the pump and studied the wall of the well for his ration of morning sun flower seed. A golden-throated meadow lark trilled from the meadow and the grass glistened with gleaming dew.

Joe dragged in a deep breath of fresh crisp air and sailed with clod hoppers only skimming to the barn to see if there his treasure still lay.  Sweet horn looking soft, yes the unicorn was still there.  Not so white, nor even so gleaming as he was the day before, the little unicorn still would not eat nor let Joe moisten its tongue with water from the mrlted snow.  The shine from his coat was gone and the hay had stained his cheek a scummy green.  "Cry a little, just for me," Joe pleaded.  "Diamonds I do want, I do - but only a few.  Cry a few tears please, just for me.

The little unicorn stared at Joe as if his eyes were made of horn and would if he could bore a hole through Joe's breast and trample him beneath his feet.  Joe backed away just a step and said:  "Another day of hunger shall bring tears to your eyes.  A pocketful of diamonds is all I ask.  Why, you won't mind at all." 

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Joe backed away into the sun.  Away from the shadows of that old barn did he flee, and soon he was flying down the trail of his morning walk.  As the white buds of the wild plum trees closed him in Joe breathed deep and his eyes clung to the new grass was just knee high to a robin as it stamped its foot near the open hole of a worm. A blue jay was arguing with an eastern mocking bird he couldn't see and a red tailed hawk skimmed the cloudy fleece that danced across the sky..  No matter what the calendar said, it was the second day of Spring and Joe was glowing with the radiant wine sap of youth.  And then he saw the unicorn.

Bigger than a red welsh pony but gleaming white, the unicorn was tippy toeing from brush to brush and sniffing hopefully at each one.  "Why, it's the mother of the little unicorn I have caught," thought Joe.  "Her heart must be breaking, aching for sight of the little guy.  How like my mother she must be, with a heart full of love, just for me.  She must be hurting now.  Oh this I cannot stand."

Joe turned.  Back through the rows of daffodils he fled.  Back to the barn he ran.  Into his arms he gathered once more the little unicorn he had stolen.  His clod hoppers were only skimming the fresh glistening dew as he carried his treasure back to the forest glen.

The mother saw him coming and noted what he hauled.  She whinnied frantic greeting but backed away from the boy.  Tears glistened from her eyes and fell to the ground like rain.  Not a one of her tears turned into a diamond.  Not a one turned even into metal of precious weight.  Her tears were like salt water and soaked into the ground. 

The stories were untrue.  "I was risking his life for something the little fellow could not do,"  Joe said.

Instead of trying to get closer, he put down his burden and it raised up on shaky feet.  A whinny it shrilled across the forest glen so still.  Joe urged it forward and with glistening eyes watched it go.  When the noses of the twain did touch Joe sank down upon the ground, his chest was so tight.  His joy was so full he wanted to hug himself with all his might.

The mother unicorn glanced his way, stamped her foot as if in threat, and urged her son into the thickening shadows.  A breeze wafted sweetly through the trees whence they had gone, and Joe smiled through his tears. 

His clod hoppers scarcely touched the ground as he hurried home.  He burst into the house and threw his arms around his mother.  "Mama, mama.  I love you."

She laughed and laughed.  She stepped back from the stove so she could hold him better.  "Oh my little Joe.  You are worth a sack full of gold to me." 

When she let him go Joe stepped back and looked up into her eyes: "Mama, "I saw a unicorn and I held him in my hands, but I let him go." 

She knew the legend of the unicorn too.  "Why did you let him go?" she asked softly.

"When I saw that his mother missed him, I thought of you."  he replied.

"Oh, Joe," his mother cried, and swept him into her arms again.  "You have made me so happy."

Something hard struck Joe's hand and he glanced up to see tiny little diamonds falling from his mother's eyes.  Suddenly he knew why there had been no diamonds there when the mother unicorn had cried for her lost foal;  "It's only when our actions cause tears of happiness to flow that they can turn into diamonds."

the end

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Most people think there is only the one Wizard of Oz book, but actually there are 40 "official" books in the Oz series and several more "unofficial" Oz books.  The official series started in 1900 and actually continued until 1963.  

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ProfessorGarfield offers 11 free books for beginner readers.  These are nicely illustrated and are read in their "toon reader".  There is an option to have the book read aloud using human voices as the child reads.  Interesting and unique collection.  Available in several languages.  Other activities also available at the site.

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Reading Games has 6 free classic illustrated stories for younger children available for free reading (and read-a-long) online without registration.  There are also some reading and vocabulary games for readers at the site.

ReadingHawk has a large collection of Dolch Sight Word stories available for free reading online and some are also available for free download in PDF.  These are intended for begining readers.

ReadingIsFundamental offers a variety of free reading and listening activities for toddlers and preschoolers in flash presentations.

RIF Reading Planet  has an interesting collection of books for online viewing that changes monthly.  Also has activities and games as well as Asian/Pacific, Caribbean, Hispanic and native American sections with books and activities.

Robert Munsch has about 60 books by Robert Munsch for reading online and read by him available for download in MP3 format.

RodCockle offers a nice collection of illustrated books for online viewing, as well as games and puzzles for 4-8 year olds. Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.

RobTowner has about 15 original stories of his own available for free reading online.  These are in a flash player.  There are also a few available for free download in PDF.  Separated into baby, kids, teens and young adult categories.  He will also write stories upon request.

Room108KidsStories offers about 25 animated stories, with accompanying music, for reading online.  These are unique stories not found elsewhere. 

Scholastic Small collection of children's books available for online viewing (or read to you).  Featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog, Alice in Wonderland and a couple of others.

Scholastic Mini-books has a good selection of stories available to read or print, many of which are free. Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.

SebastianSwan  a collection of Sebastian Swan stories for online viewing.

Sesame Street has 5 free Sesame Street picture ebooks for free reading online.  Looks like the free books are changed weekly and email updates are available.

Shay's Imagination  offers the unique stories and poems of Shay for online reading or download in pdf.

Short Stories Free has 5 free short stories for children available for free reading online.

SillyBooks has a number of free books available for online reading.  There are also puzzles, games and contests.

Smashwords has over 300 free ebooks for free online viewing or download in a variety of formats.  These are generally unpublished works and unique to this site.  The site does also offer books for purchase, but all the works in this list are available for free.

Snapdragon  the BBC of Wales presents the story of Goldilocks for free reading online in their flash player as well as other early learning reading activities.

Between the Lions has video books with words for younger readers to follow along.

Starfall  has online flash presentations designed for first graders to entertain and educate.

StoriesForChildren has 8 Christmas stories by Carolyn Rogers for online viewing and apparently some woodland creature stories soon to come.

StoriesForMyLittleSister is a collection of original stories written by a big sister for her little sister.  Interesting collection of illustrated stories and also other activites.

StoriestoGrowBy  has a large collection of folk and fairy tales for children from around the world for online viewing.

StoryTimeForMe a nice site with unique entries aimed for toddlers through 2d grade.  Interesting combination of old fashioned animated book and flash video.

Stuart Stories has 9 free books for begining readers and about 30 free books for older children.  All are available for free reading online and most are also available for free download in PDF.

SurLaLuneFairyTales offers a very nice and large collection of fairy tales from around the world for online reading.

The Birmingham Grid For Learning  presents The Tooth Fairy, a story written and illustrated by a 4th grade class for free reading online without registration.

The Lancashire Grid For Learning titles for free reading online without registration.  

Tonight'sBedtimeStory offers 79 classic fairy tales for download or online viewing in PDF.

Topmarks  an UK learning site.  This link is to their English section, which has reading materials for children aged 5 to 18.  All are available for free reading online without registration.

Toy Box Productions  offers over 20 original works for free reading online in their flash viewer.  This is split between historical works and Bible stories. 

TumbleBook Cloud Collections the Huntley Library offers free acces to the excellent collections of TumbleBooks.  The TumbleBook Library and TumbleBook Jr., collections are the best selections for youn ger readers.  There are read-a-longs and other reading learning features available.  All are available for free reading online.

uMassAmherstAesop'sFables offers a collection of Aesop's fables, with illustrations from students in the Computing in the Fine Arts course for online viewing.

UPenn Digital Library has within its A Celebration of Women Writers collection a section for Newberry honor books written by women (Newberry is an award for children books given out by the Library Association) spanning from 1922 to 1964.  These are available for free reading online without registration.

Vintage Cookbooks includes in their collection of vintage cookbooks a collection of vintage cookbooks from the late 1800s to 1950s for children.  These will popup in an online reader, but if you look on the upper left of the reader, there is a link to OPen Library where the book may be downloaded in a wide variety of ebook formats.  No registration needed.

WackyWebTales offers a good size collection of short tales for 3rd graders and above. Geared to help with parts of speech.

Walking By The Way has an impressive listing of free classic books for children.  It is called a list for Kindle ebooks, but most are available in many ebook formats.

WeGiveBooks has 198 books available for online reading in a flash player.  Reading the books helps to distribute books to children around the world.  Over 1 million books have been read and given away.  Age range is from newborn to teens.

WikiJunior  age-appropriate non-fiction ebooks for children aged birth to 12 years old available for free reading online without registration.

Archive.org (Children's Library) large collection of children's original books available for online viewing and download

Armenian Story Teller has a few Armenian stories and poems available for free reading online.

Wired For Books has a nice collection of Beatrix Potter books as well as a few others for online reading and also available in audio.

Woodlands Junior School  presents a 7 chapter interactive Pokemon story to aid in developing reading skills and apprehension.   This is a UK site with British spelling.

World of Tales  a collection of folktales, fairy tales and fables from around the world available for online viewing.

ZiggityZoom has 17 free online stories available for reading and listening.  These all are displayed in a flash player.  Geared to younger children.

Bibliotastic has 15 free ebooks.

by Gosh has about 20 illustrated classics for younger children, as well as 9 classics for older children.  All are available for free reading online.

Candlelight Stories has stories from the Arabian nights collection as well as other story books available for online reading.

C Beebies is a BBC site that offers a good number of free stories, in flash, for online reading and listening.  Also, has games, music and coloring books.

American Literature  has a collection of free stories for children -- like Aesop's Fables, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Wind in the Willows, The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen, Peter Rabbit and other stories by Beatrix Potter, Heidi by Johanna Spyri, The Pumpkin-Glory by William Dean Howells,  The Walrus and The Carpenter (an illustrated poem), and good old Cinderella!, all available for free reading online.

The Online Books Page  provides links to free books that have either won the Newberry award for outstainding children's books or have recieved an "Honor" and are in the public domain.  Download and viewing options vary as these are links offsite.

The University of Southern Mississippi  presents The Cinderella Project, which is a compilation of a dozen variations of the classic fairy tale (press on the Archives link).  Also available are the Little Red Riding Hood Project and the Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant-Killer project.

Allen Morgan The Kids From B.A.D. (detective stories) Search For The New-Moon Stones (fantasy novel) Celebrate The Season: Fall (seasonal stories) Celebrate The Season: Winter (seasonal stories) Beautiful Dreamer (novel)stories and novels for children for free reading online, without registration.

Alvie The Little Brown Burro  You can enjoy this fun and entertaining collection of free children's stories about a small, brown, toy burro named Alvie. Just click this link to see the entire collection of stories. Children of all ages will enjoy the stories about Alvie but they are specifically designed for preschoolers. There are seven Alvie stories to read online or download in MP3.

ABC Fast Phonics  is a free tutorial that uses cartoons and sounds with audio narration and clickable words to teach phonics. This method teaches just basic phonics concepts without struggle or frustration and includes rules for vowels, consonants, and blends along with practice pages.  No registration needed.