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Emma by Jane Austen

as a page turning book. 

Persuasion  by Jane Austen

Of Human Bondage By Somerset Maughan  

Mansfield Park By Jane Austen

The Count Monte Cristo, a huge novel by that immortal author, Alexandre Dumas.

Princess Galina is, a romantic adventure from the days of Alexander.   ZaraGalina was a Princess too beautiful for Russia's good. She was pitted against an agent for the Czar whose solemn duty was to destroy her life, her beauty and send her straight to the Siberian torture chambers on the fastest train available.  

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Green Mansions  In the jungles of South America our hero finds an arboreal paradise

The Mansion  What kind of mansion awaits these august champions of today's Great Society?

  Classic Books      

Tarzan of the Apes

Marie Claire: 

Bull Hunter


Working On The Rail Road to keep the line safe is hard, dangerous work even today.  140 years ago the work was often deadly.  Barbara fell in love with the man that could tame the iron rails and repair the bridge over Blue Waters.  But she was a little too rich -- and spoiled -- for his blood.  Read more, here.

Russian Steppes You can't tell a hard-headed woman she's falling for a fool on a fast horse.

../books/novels/Core/At the Earth's Core. Tarzan like man goes to the Earth's core and discovers an unknown world.

Unlimited Energy, Yours at the touch of a button



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.. Love never knocks at a convenient time.  This is one of the truly wonderful love stories.


Shadows of Illinois ***

I Will Love Your Twin Spirit It used to be there was a feeling, almost a belief, among the Native Americans of the Great Plains that each of them had a twin spirit, one that was almost them in outlook and ways.  This theory can erase loneliness, but sometimes it is even more powerful. Because life was so uncertain among the Native Americans one that felt his or her life was waning could assign a lover to find that one's twin spirit and love them "as you have loved me."  Antelope's story is almost like that, except that the one he loves doesn't tell him to go, find her twin spirit, until after her death.  And when he finds the twin spirit of his loved one, she is in the chief among the tribes that hates his the most. 

Margaret Tudor

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Essays About War
The X-Files 

*The book Rummy-Go is a special delight to read but the temptation was great to flip to the back to see how it ended. I am proud of my self for not peeking. 

Spanish Love

Meadows and Myst Where do our thoughts go at the end of day? Do they dance through the meadows and climb to the stars on the evening myst? But what if someone steals them before they leave, someone snuggling close to you, someone fascinated, ravenously fascinated with every word you say? Can you break the bond set that night? Can you make yourself stay away? When a poet turns his fancy to writing a novel it turns into the story of a playwright composing a play and a sculptor composing songs.  One can naturally expect daylight shadows to give forth radiant butterflies, but then ladies of darkness leap across the stage of time and the poet sees his play being read from the lips of the greatest novelist of the century --word for word, his own, right up to the thrilling end. Can he find his way back to the island and wind his way through the bright meadows and the evening's thickening myst? For Life has kissed him full upon the lips as it paused in fleeting by, "but I left no impression there, nor am I myst."

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