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The best part about the titles offered at this segment of Sea Stone Books is that they are free, and better than free; They are Priceless and Free!

The first line of sales are the classics that readers will recognize by name.. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyrie, Treasure Island and so forth. Second are those titles that are so good they never should have been forgotten.

The third branch of titles are books that have been modernized. Editors at Sea Stone Books work long hours at producing a totally new product. Sentences are tightened, 2-page paragraphs are split up to reveal less intimidating white space, shrunk or even tossed out, flash-back take-offs are generally always disposed of or converted into straight narrative. Where applicable and beneficial, pertinent artwork is introduced.

Henry Ford made his first fortune by selling cars for less.  His famous Model "T" enjoyed more sales success per decade than any other kind of car ever made.

Most Publishers seem to have forgotten that lesson given by history.  Their prices keep going up, and up, and up again.  I'm only 73 years old and I can well remember top quality, name brand, hard cover books selling regularly for $2.25 each. And for years I was paying a mere $1.00 per title because of the book club I belonged to

Through the miracle of electronics Sea Stone Books is able to offer you most of its line of books for free!