it is easy to get carried away when the bear is hungry! the imagination of the very young is wild enough to set Oscars trembling like a forest of quaking aspens. Visit today
Abby is an eleven-year-old Hopplescotch, the twin to the gate of the gateway that leads to Hopplescotch Realm. Muriel, a Hopplescotch witcherene, is the keeper of the gate and one of the most powerful witches [More]
Harry tells the story of a young hippo who worries because he likes to dance, which is not what anyone would expect from a hippopotamus. Surely they just like to wallow in mud pools all day? [More]
Many a mouse is a friend of the house. And many a child has trained a mouse to be a friend of the house. Because the little mouse is funny to see.
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Felicity Fly meets Daniella Dragon Fruit from Vietnam, Pablo Pineapple from Caracus, Brassica Broccoli from Italy and Tarquin Tomato from England. Felicity Fly are a series of rhyming books with free audio that help children [More]
Acclimating to change, even a good change is not always easy, but love and patience help! That’s the theme in Hazel Mitchell’s debut picture book Toby (released this week  by Candlewick Press.) Published on Jul 18, 2016 When [More]
Helen Laycock addresses her books to the 8 through 12 group.  She works in intricate and unique plots, twists and surprises. A real recipe for mystery and adventure. She says, “To date, I have written eight children’s [More]