Crooked Rooks by Jane Finch is a story set right in the animal kingdom. The tranquil life of the animals living at The Common comes under threat as the rooks try to stage a takeover [More]
Dr. Dogbreath is slinging bad smells across the entire galaxy. He must be stopped. Once again there is only one hope of stopping him before there isn’t a clean place left anywhere to find a [More]
** Squirrel Wars written by Jane Finch and illustrated by Frank Thomas SQUIRREL WARS Squirrel Wars tells the story of Rowan, a loveable and inquisitive young red squirrel, living with his family in the wilds [More]
I am on a mission to bring wholesome books and music to young people, as well as adults. My first book I wrote in 2012 and it’s called, “I Will Stand.” .. It’s a book [More]
By Dawn Foss If you are searching for a Christmas book that will bring your family closer together, Then look no further! Sit down as a family and read the book “Christmas Love,” by Dawn [More]
Tom has painting on his mind. Most vehicles that need a tow truck have a natural need for a spot of paint.
++There’s always a lot of fun in the world upside down and backwards from merry old England. Henry Hoplingsea will do anything to win the hand of his beloved Carmelita. He is inventive and determined, and [More]
Harry tells the story of a young hippo who worries because he likes to dance, which is not what anyone would expect from a hippopotamus. Surely they just like to wallow in mud pools all day? [More]
Dimity is one of my favorite heroes. She is not only an author but a HELPFUL author.