School is a tight curb for the obstinate child who is used to getting his own way. Teachers have their eyes on David. They watch him as if they can read his mind and know [More]
The value of mindfulness is not to be underestimated. For reasons of improving one’s stress levels, resilience, empathy, curiosity, decision making skills and self-awareness, practicing mindfulness is beneficial for positive wellbeing and mental health. In [More]
The Sport Princess series shows girls that while princesses may be beautiful and graceful, they are even more so tough, uncompromising, competitive and strong. For the first time, magical stories combine princess prettiness with rugged [More]
We heard, some of our friends were feeling down and needed a lift me up. So we decided to call on the wheels on the tow truck. This is not just a play on your [More]
Crooked Rooks by Jane Finch is a story set right in the animal kingdom. The tranquil life of the animals living at The Common comes under threat as the rooks try to stage a takeover [More]
Dr. Dogbreath is slinging bad smells across the entire galaxy. He must be stopped. Once again there is only one hope of stopping him before there isn’t a clean place left anywhere to find a [More]
** Squirrel Wars written by Jane Finch and illustrated by Frank Thomas SQUIRREL WARS Squirrel Wars tells the story of Rowan, a loveable and inquisitive young red squirrel, living with his family in the wilds [More]
I am on a mission to bring wholesome books and music to young people, as well as adults. My first book I wrote in 2012 and it’s called, “I Will Stand.” .. It’s a book [More]
By Dawn Foss If you are searching for a Christmas book that will bring your family closer together, Then look no further! Sit down as a family and read the book “Christmas Love,” by Dawn [More]