Great books do not lose their flavor on the bedposts overnight. It seems that everybody can write a book. However, unless that book is unique and wonderful it will slide right out of sight and [More]
There are acres of  book reviews on to kill a Mockingbird. This is a bit more than a book review, it is a lecture on to kill a Mockingbird and the introduction to the book [More]
My great granddaughter is reading this book right now.
Chicken Soup; has come up a million miles of Hard Work to make it a Best Seller overnight. A book this good had to work that hard to be successful? Yes, isn’t it wonderful? If you don’t [More]
For more than a year Ginger has lived deep in Yankee land. She had only one friend she could talk Texas to. But now it is turn about. Ginger has invited five of her best friends to [More]
A reading of a real classic.
A true classic for children everywhere. It does have a moral which is that we must learn from others if we are not wise enough to learn from ourselves. When we wish to build a house to [More]
The Tiniest Tumbleweed hunts for a place to fit in.
Great title and wonderful dialogue.