You can FORGET about stocking your pantry with all those exotic ingredients and trying to cook complicated recipes that you can’t even pronounce – Frankston foodie Jade O’Donahoo says “simple” is back in fashion. The [More]
Abby is an eleven-year-old Hopplescotch, the twin to the gate of the gateway that leads to Hopplescotch Realm. Muriel, a Hopplescotch witcherene, is the keeper of the gate and one of the most powerful witches [More]
Written and illustrated by T. Lynn Lewis, the mother of three autistic children. Jasmine’s World Of Autism: At The Seawall is a picture book which helps raise autism awareness in children, in a fun and [More]
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Emelin Lambert is an eleven-year-old orphan in medieval England, who has an incredible gift in illuminating manuscripts. She’s also quick-witted, mouthy, and nearly always in trouble. One terrible day, her last relative is killed and [More]
The story here is told in verse to help your child with reading. Your child will find the words that rhyme and follow as you’re leading. This picture book for children between the ages of [More]
Published on Nov 24, 2015 Written by Barbara Cairns, illustrated by Eugene Ruble. Gatsby the art gallery cat gets up close to Thomas Gainsborough’s painting “Girl with Pigs.” Copyright 2015 Barbara Cairns. Guardian Angel Publishing.
LAASA, Now, why couldn’t a poor old frog get a wife? That’s how it began. Here, I’ll show you! As a story teller I loved hearing stories from children, they have the most amazing imaginations [More]
Join Marjorie as ‘Star of the Week’ at school and she wants to tell you all about her favorite things. “I drive a race car called the ‘Pink Bullet’. It’s super-fast!” Parents of K-3 will appreciate Marjorie’s honest and spirited look [More]
Some people have all the fun, you know it is true. But crocodiles they have a real problem catching cold when they want one. Follow along as we sing his song.