.did you see that box of new books she has? Sounds like me. As the owner of children’s book writers group I have more books thrust at me than I can possibly read. Reviewers like [More]
At first glance, this is more of a list of good books that you should be reading. However, what we really have here is a list of books dominating a specific genre of books, specifically [More]
The Pied Piper of Hamelin Written by Robert Browning, Illustrated by Kate Greenaway, Narrated by Lin Stone, published by SeaStone Books Book Trailer Read the rest of this book for free On http://BooksForChildren.club/children/ No sign [More]
  Molly needed a makeover. She was sure of it! Maybe braces would straighten her teeth and give her that sleek look of a Hound About Town. Her 9 pup;s were sure to be impressed. [More]
there is nothing as good as a great book review by a young reader. this little girl writes a better book review than most writers do. She knows her subject, and she sticks with it [More]
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it is hardly a secret that Santa Claus gets a ton of mail. And who will miss an ounce or two from that huge pack. It won’t really matter in less those letters come from you. [More]
this is a real life example of the kind of book reviews that I write. Queen Incha has developed a new market for used teeth and she needs eager young tooth fairies to ride her rotary [More]
Welcome to the exciting world of book reviews. Just as the people who write advertising copy for the nationals are better writers than most all of other writers, the successful book reviewers can make the [More]