I am on a mission to bring wholesome books and music to young people, as well as adults. My first book I wrote in 2012 and it’s called, “I Will Stand.” .. It’s a book [More]
Crooked Rooks by Jane Finch is a story set right in the animal kingdom. The tranquil life of the animals living at The Common comes under threat as the rooks try to stage a takeover [More]
** Squirrel Wars written by Jane Finch and illustrated by Frank Thomas SQUIRREL WARS Squirrel Wars tells the story of Rowan, a loveable and inquisitive young red squirrel, living with his family in the wilds [More]
Felicity Fly meets Daniella Dragon Fruit from Vietnam, Pablo Pineapple from Caracus, Brassica Broccoli from Italy and Tarquin Tomato from England. Felicity Fly are a series of rhyming books with free audio that help children [More]
Harry tells the story of a young hippo who worries because he likes to dance, which is not what anyone would expect from a hippopotamus. Surely they just like to wallow in mud pools all day? [More]
our reviewer works hard to reveal what you can expect inside of each book.
Mami y Mikel dan un paseo Ana Morris, autora bilingüe premiada de libros para niños, con ilustraciones de Blythe Russo. the
16 minutes of book review by a girl with sick eyeshadow? My theory is, someday she will find a man brave enough to tell her to learn how to use eyeshadow properly or just take [More]