Felicity Fly meets Daniella Dragon Fruit from Vietnam, Pablo Pineapple from Caracus, Brassica Broccoli from Italy and Tarquin Tomato from England. Felicity Fly are a series of rhyming books with free audio that help children [More]
Harry tells the story of a young hippo who worries because he likes to dance, which is not what anyone would expect from a hippopotamus. Surely they just like to wallow in mud pools all day? [More]
our reviewer works hard to reveal what you can expect inside of each book.
Mami y Mikel dan un paseo Ana Morris, autora bilingüe premiada de libros para niños, con ilustraciones de Blythe Russo. the
16 minutes of book review by a girl with sick eyeshadow? My theory is, someday she will find a man brave enough to tell her to learn how to use eyeshadow properly or just take [More]
.did you see that box of new books she has? Sounds like me. As the owner of children’s book writers group I have more books thrust at me than I can possibly read. Reviewers like [More]
At first glance, this is more of a list of good books that you should be reading. However, what we really have here is a list of books dominating a specific genre of books, specifically [More]
The Pied Piper of Hamelin Written by Robert Browning, Illustrated by Kate Greenaway, Narrated by Lin Stone, published by SeaStone Books Book Trailer Read the rest of this book for free On http://BooksForChildren.club/children/ No sign [More]