The Best Feeling in the World

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A children book with beautiful illustrations describe a child’s feeling who has all the riches of life, but what does he miss the most. Read this lovely book by Christopher R. Kaden to understand.

Author Bio:
Christopher R. Kaden is a published author, blogger, and a member of several local Atlanta writing groups. This children’s book was published by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency. His latest project is a series of short stories he is compiling that will be published next year.

Book Synopsis:
Eight-year-old Simon would appear to have it all: his room painted like a comic book, all the latest video games on a big-screen TV, and Tommy the Robot to clean up after him.

But Simon is not happy. What he really wants is a Mom and Dad who spend quality time with him, as he’s seen with his best friends, Thomas and Carlos. Two major events lead to a climax that forces his Mom and Dad to reevaluate family priorities, resulting in what could be the happiest ending of all and The Best Feeling in the World.

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