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There is a purpose behind everything Angel writes inside her books.

Click on this picture and Gabby will whiz you over to find more information.

And before you leave you will also want to investigate the lessons learned by the crocodiles and the monkeys when they play baseball. 74% of buyers gave 5 star ratings for this book written by Angel Krishna.

Angel thinks it is important for kids to go for their wildest dreams and believe in themselves, even when the odds are against them. “The first step is Liking yourself! When you come to accept the reality of who you really are, you are half way there. Deal or don’t, but just find what you love about being you.”

Yes, you will make changes as you move forward in life but stick with the core that is you.. “There are some things I love about me, and of course there are some things I don’t like.”

Don’t let your mind dwell too long on things you can’t change or you will drain yourself.







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