Sammie and Suzy Visit The Sea Shore

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This is the first installment in Gloria Eveleigh’s series of storybooks that teach children about the phonics process. “Sammy and Susie Visit the Seaside” (published by Xlibris UK) uses a fun narrative and a cast of delightful characters to introduce readers to the “s” sound and the words that contain this letter.

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Eveleigh originally wrote her phonics-focused series of short stories for her sister to use with small children and their parents who attended her phonics classes. Like the rest of the books in the unique series, “Sammy and Susie Visit the Seaside” uses an engaging story and pictures that small children can immediately identify with while the narrative highlights the first phonics sound that children learn.

Readers will meet the title characters, Sammy and Susie, who love to visit Auntie Sarah and Uncle Steven at the seaside. While there, they discover many interesting things and do many fun activities.
“The book is timeless because parents can read it to the children when they are very young or read it with them while teaching them the ‘s’ sound as their children gain an interest in learning,” Eveleigh says. “And then children can read it alone to consolidate and practice what they are taught at school so it is like a teaching aid for school.”

“Sammy and Susie Visit the Seaside” is for parents and teachers who want to make learning phonics fun and imaginative. It is an engaging and stimulating way of using the sounds of single and combined letters of the alphabet to enable effective literacy teaching and learning.
“Sammy and Susie Visit the Seaside” was written by By Gloria Eveleigh


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