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Why do people choose to home school their children? Mostly in order to give their children a better education. Every child is brilliant, when they are taught correctly for the way they learn.

There are a variety of reasons. Many choose to do so for religious reasons. Others are frustrated with the quality of their child’s education and feel they can do much better. The rise in school violence is also a reason some home schooling parents give for wanting their children educated at home.

Whatever the reason, studies show that home schooled children are, in general, getting a better education as is reflected in test scores throughout the country.

Home schooling itself is also a controversial subject. Opponents feels like children who are schooled at home lack the social skills of peers their age. They feel these kids are missing out on an important aspect of education that leaves them ill-prepared for the real world when they are put back into the educational system in college.

In this book, we’ll look at home schooling from a professional standpoint as a valid option for providing your child with the best education you can. Home schooling is more than just giving your kid a book and telling them to read it.

There are tried and true techniques as well as materials that will insure you are doing the right things when you decide to educate your child at home. We’ve gathered some of the best information we can find for you and give you some excellent sources and suggestions for ways to make your child’s experience more exciting and more beneficial.

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