Tinui: The Last Post

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Told through the eyes and the music of a young bugle player, Linda Morgan, Tinui – The Last Post, is a moving account of the first Anzac Day 1916 and why New Zealand still remembers the fallen at Gallipoli 100 years on.

Author and Illustrator Michelle O’Connell’s account of Anzac Day 2016 captures the emotion, mood and detail of that day for young readers. Said by many to be the first place to have commemorated the day on which the world remembers the men and women who died in the First World War, Tinui holds a special place in the heart of many for the stories around the fate of those from the Wairarapa coastal village.

As with her previous books – Leaving for the Front – A Boy’s Story and The Crossing – Michael’s Story – Michelle has illustrated and written a book connecting us to an important part of our past. The illustrations and writing transport us to the place and emotions of the Anzac Day ceremony 100 years on, providing useful lessons for children on the sacrifice of their forebears.

Writer and illustrator Michelle O’Connell is speaking here at the launch of her children’s picture book, Tinui: The Last Post. 

The launch was held at the Masterton District Library on 22 April 2017.

A ‘Notes for the Teacher’ section includes useful teaching points for primary aged children.The book was inspired by a young bugler at the Anzac Day commemoration at the small Wairarapa town of Tinui, said to be the first place in which Anzac services were held.


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