Halito Gianna is the  second in the Gianna the Great series and will provide a great way to get children involved in genealogical research. Gianna the Great and Halito Gianna can be purchased from Barnes [More]
And, another package In these three delightful stories, fairies, ponies and ballerinas come out to play! In Dance with Me, a ballerina in a music box loves nothing more than to dance. But when the [More]
it is easy to get carried away when the bear is hungry! the imagination of the very young is wild enough to set Oscars trembling like a forest of quaking aspens. Visit Marmooworks.com today
The Pied Piper of Hamelin Written by Robert Browning, Illustrated by Kate Greenaway, Narrated by Lin Stone, published by SeaStone Books Book Trailer Read the rest of this book for free On http://BooksForChildren.club/children/ No sign [More]
post with excitement.
this is a real life example of the kind of book reviews that I write. Queen Incha has developed a new market for used teeth and she needs eager young tooth fairies to ride her rotary [More]