blackbird, crow, or raven? Here’s how!

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I have always suspected that blackbirds can talk to each other. At a small lake I noticed that early in the morning a flock of buzzards would assemble and several nearby trees. This is just before dawn every time I was there. Buzzards would congregate in those trees and make a racket as if they were talking to each other. Directly, the tallk would end and silence would settle over the treetops and the buzzards would lift off and fly away in different directions.

That evening those trees would fill up again and they would talk until dark then they would go their separate ways with wings flapping loudly.

* Blackbirds and there are many varieties of blackbirds but I would notice many, many hundreds of blackbirds all on the ground in a close knit group. They would be jabbering away throughout the day, but if a rock was thrown anywhere in that group, the entire group would automatically lift off. They would fly in a revolving sweep and peer down at the field. Seeing nothing amiss, they would land again. A sense danger they would all be gone. Farmers set up automatic explosion machinery to startle the birds up, up and away! But I have often thought those birds were not on the ground to be eating seeds. It was more like they were eating bugs. And bugs are one thing that farmers hate worse than blackbirds!

Aphids can explode in numbers in a matter of weeks. And in cut hay I could be going along about 9 miles an hour. There were many hot days that my mouth would fill up with aphids if I did not put a bandanna over my face and wear sunglasses! One day my boss took my place while I ran home for lunch. When I came back the tractor was parked, and my boss said, “I could not figure out why you were wearing a bandanna and sunglasses on some days but not always. Well today I found out! I don’t see how you stand it out here with aphids that thick. Do I need to buy you a new tractor with a cab on it?” I begged off and assured him that while I did have to make pitstops to empty my shirt occasionally that a cabbed tractor would be too hard to rake hay with.

And now, I return you to the expert in the video.


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