Selections From
The Tale Wins
Literary Treasures Chest

By : Lin Stone

Here is a list of Some of
You Can Soon Be Reading.

The Rube, by Zane Grey

Wuthering Heights, the first, perhaps the greatest gothic ever written

Call of the Wild by Jack London.  You heard kids talk about it; it is even better now.

Historical documents like The Gettysburg Address. 

David Crockett, a frontier hero known to millions, get the inside scoop.

Short Stuff, by Lin Stone

I Married A Ranger is the fascinating story of the first woman to work for the National Park Service at the Grand Canyon in the old Wild West.  This is a book of rare humor, western adventure, touching romance, and packed with historical fact.

Helpful articles for your personal improvement

Humor with a wry little twist

Books for Kids 

Boots and Saddles

At The Earth's Core

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Great Expectations

Short Stuff

Most of the stories, articles, essays and books have a link back to the author's site or newsletter.  Please be kind enough to check them out more completely if their writing impresses you.  Better yet, send your friends there to visit too.

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