Book Trailers, and other introductory videos, should be about 1 minute long and usually starts with a picture of the book or product being introduced. Subsequent slides should have complementary color combinations. A little wiggle action between slides seldom hurts anyone's chance for sales. The final slide should be a call to action, and be as simple as possible. For example, “Find Peaches N Cream on Amazon Dot Com”

Your 1 minute Quick Trailer can be made HERE for as low as $7.14 each. This includes a 30 day run on “Books Ahead” – our most appreciated blog. Your 1 minute Quick Trailer works best when your book cover does most of the selling for you.

Mail: Contact QuickTrail  Answer these questions the best you can do, Where is your book cover? What are your most important sales points?

NOTE: Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED! In fact, you don't pay us until you are satisfied. There's not a better guarantee standing anywhere!

If your book or product needs more sales room, Country Essays can accommodate your requests for longer videos at just $5 per each additional minute. Ideally, you won't want any video more than 7 minutes long, but that's up to you. We'll go up to one hour long if asked to do so.

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