Quick Trailers


Conventional wisdom insists that Book Trailers, and other introductory videos, should be about 1 minute long and usually starts with a picture of the book or product being introduced.

Subsequent slides should have complementary color combinations. A little wiggle action between slides seldom hurts anyone's chance for sales.

The final slide should be a call to action, and be as simple as possible. For example, “Find Peaches N Cream on Amazon Dot Com”

Your 1 minute Quick Trailer can be made HERE for as low as $7.14 each.

This includes a 360 day run on “Books Ahead” – our most appreciated blog.

70 years ago I was a small boy setting off alone on the road to discovery.

What Is Needed?

Answer these questions the best you can,

Where is a picture of your best book cover found?

What does your book do for the reader?

What are your most important sales points? 

If you are the least bit queasy about your answers, take the time to study out the various parameters and permutations you are offering to the reader.

Your 1 minute Quick Trailer works best when your book cover does most of the selling for you.

We have 46,000 backgrounds lying around here, one or two of which might be exactly what makes your book sparkle in the best of light.

NOTE: Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED! In fact, you don't pay us until you are satisfied.

There's not a better guarantee standing anywhere! 
If you feel we can't make you happy,
simply shred our work and walk away.

Now, if you keep changing your parameters on us,
WE will be the ones that walk away


If you believe your book or product needs more sales room, we can accommodate your requests for longer videos at just $5 per each additional minute. Ideally, you won't want any video more than 7 minutes long, but that's up to you. We will go up to one hour long if asked to do so.

Or, mail an introductory letter to me {Talewins@gmail.com} and let’s get started.