- but has left a name and a fame that will live throughout time and and burst
forth in eternity; and in the morning of the first resurrection. when the
opening heavens shall revea1 the son of God. and he shall proclaim,
"I am the resurrection and the life," when Death shall deliver up the dead,
I expect to meet Brother Parley in the resurrection of the just."


Do we have the right place?  It doesn't matter where the mortal coil of
Parley P. Pratt is buried because members of the family and Church
don't come here to remember the particulars of Parley's death. Nor
do they come here to rail against the men that brought him low, much
less to seethe against the territory where it happened.

They come here to remember the man who died bearing his testimony.
They come to remember the greatness of his life, his dedication and his
contributions to the world. In this spot they remember more vividly the
man who boldly testified before kings and magistrates around the world.

Members of the Church know his spirit left here long ago. It has raced
on ahead with true missionary zeal to do the Lord's work on the other
side of the vail. But, if this is the right place then, on the morning of the
First Resurrection Parley's spirit will be here once more to be permanently
and joyfully reunited with the body that served him so nobly and so well.

The end

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