It has often been said that Caesar was a genius. But I wonder, what was he a genius at for?  Coercion perhaps? And perhaps his role of genius was that gift of listening.
The word marathon came first from a famous battle between the Greeks and the Persians. The Greeks were hopelessly outnumbered. The Greeks slaughtered the Persians then marched over inhospitable land, intense heat, and with 70 [More]
Epic Night Battle as seen by and reported by Boots On The Ground.
I don’t know if it is just that I was once trained in the use of tanks or if this battle is superbly presented, either way you are in for a real, treat. The desert, [More]
This presentation is well-executed and the battle is explained by experts who know their subject well and can take the battle apart so that we understand the various permutations called into action. What could have [More]
Only now is the American Civil War losing its allure to the South. The blasted Yankee has been killed a hundred times. The only other enemy that is so ravished in memory is the Nazi Army. [More]
Civilization itself was the prize. Here is a spirited reenactment of an epic battle.
I have always said that Jane Fonda won the Vietnam war singlehandedly. She never carried a rifle for the Vietnamese, Never saw her rank and file leader but she carried her CBR attack straight through [More]
The Greatest battle America ever fought was against Hitler’s Army when it staged one of the last offensives of the war in Belgium against American troops who were alone and unprepared for the Nazi onslaught. [More]
Heroes of the Forgotten War The Battle of Kapyong. Pure History Specials Heroes of the Forgotten War: The Battle of Kapyong The Korean War. This is the story of a small band of Australians, Canadians, [More]
He was a homeless nobody suggesting strange military strategies. In those days it was said he looked like a girl. Josephine was said to have been appalled to find herself cast off by one General and snatched [More]
The battle wits of Caesar are over but the war machine Caesar built still marches. The only way to destroy one of Caesar’s armies is to foist a cowardly, inefficient commander at the head of [More]
All I have to go on is this film but I wonder, Couldn’t the might of Roman arms have been destroyed by the coyote’s wiles? The coyote rushes in just close enough to threaten, then [More]