The Marathon That Saved Athens

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The word marathon came first from a famous battle between the Greeks and the Persians. The Greeks were hopelessly outnumbered. The Greeks slaughtered the Persians then marched over inhospitable land, intense heat, and with 70 pounds of armor on each Grecian back in time to meet the Persian army for round two.

I have casually and repeatedly loped for a few miles in shimmering desert heat. But there was nothing on my back but a shirt. Geronimo and a few friends had their horses stolen from them by a troop of Mexicans. Carrying no food or water and not even a shirt on their backs they labored against very inhospitable weather and broken terrain for nearly 100 miles. They caught up with the Mexicans, still very much able to fight. Over in Germany US warriors who prided themselves on being combat ready accepted the challenge given us by John F. Kennedy. Alone, and bearing full combat pack for 50 miles, those who survived were able to sneer at the challenge. “Do you still think I’m puny, Mr. President?” The Tarahumara played games of kickball for 50 to 60 miles and thought nothing of it.

But the marathon of the Greeks stands out in history as one of the greatest battles ever fought on planet Earth Just by showing up on time.

This animated documentary is extremely well orchestrated, showing you terrain and gear.