Britain Hordes Battle Roman Army

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All I have to go on is this film but I wonder, Couldn’t the might of Roman arms have been destroyed by the coyote’s wiles?

The coyote rushes in just close enough to threaten, then darts away as if afraid. “Oh, you have scared me to death, white man!” The white man rushes after the fleeing pack of coyotes.

The instant the white man turns back from a victorious attack that beats the cowardly coyotes, a second band of coyotes squeezes between them and the camp. Again the white man rushes out to drive the coyotes. Every attack pulls the white man farther away from the camp.

The white man is held in place by a pack of coyotes too scared to face him. It becomes a war of attrition. The very weapons hurled at the coyotes are picked up in order to taunt the white man until the coyote is better armed than the enemy and the white man has wasted his greatest energies on a foe that will not engage.