Money Earning Power

Remember, O, Remember
This section is for adults only
and is for educational purposes ONLY

Don't get too caught up in your desire to earn a lot more money. You can come so close you know what the cause of failure is .. and refuse to quit when your most prized connections beg you to. I can't help you with that problem, well I could but we'll let that go for the moment. 

On this page I have - or will have - listed some of the books and courses I have written or rewritten. Some are free, Some sell for $1.00 or a nickel less, and Some sell for $27 or so. One will sell for $47.95 - but that is a while in the future.

I won't cheat you, and I pray you won't cheat me. All these books are offered on educational purposes only. When possible I post a section on the web so you can tell how well you will be educated. So, okay, let's get rolling.

The first offering is the Million Dollar Copy edition. It teaches how to WRITE million Dollar copy. I was most impressed by what shows up in this course.

The uses for publicity and how to recognize a great opportunity.