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If you are half as old as I am then you
remember the advertising specialties
salesman that came in with 52 samples
and a thick catalog. His whole business
was wrapped up in that catalog.

I worked with a company called NATIONWIDE, No matter what I sold, all the orders went to Nationwide. And every part of the order was farmed out to a supplier somewhere. Suppliers filled the orders and shipped all the orders sent to them  back to Nationwide for distribution to each of the buyers from all their agents.

In spite of a tendency to tell new customers when they were buying too much product, I did make sales. I remember with horror the first sale I made; it took an hour to convince him to reduce the size of his order down to only 1,000 wooden nickels. That owner never bought another thing from me!

I invented a few products and began selling only them. It was funny, the thinner my catalog became, the more sales I made. People would drive 30, 40 miles to get one of my unique products made. Today, most of my products are farmed out to specialists, just like Nationwide did years ago. Maintaining a thin line of products lets me concentrate on products that work hard and produce action for my clients. My suppliers all appreciate my need for accuracy transcends my desire for speed.  This keeps your investment low-cost.

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