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Emily, the littlest tooth fairy, is in for a magical turn
upwards career path change. Queen Incha sees some
real potential in Emily. From Scullery Maid First Class
Emily zips up the pay scale to riding on one of the raging
toothbrushes with rotary powered engines on back. It is
Have toothbrush, will travel time. Let this be one of your
very first chapter books to read.

And Now, May I Introduce
An Assortment Of Unique Books
Any Dentist Can Print, And Bind Up
Inside Page Protecters
For Children To Read
During Waiting Room Sessions

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Come, join the throng
of Happy Children clapping for joy
as they dance along the lily-lined path
that leads to a gleaming palace of Make Believe
packed full of books, games, puzzles and events 

Our purpose: Let the past, the future and the wonder of the day around you be schoolmaster, guardian and companion.  Let God be his Father, let her believe in angels and dance with fairies, let them face icy storms of dark cloud and storms of hot prejudice.  Let your child live in wonder and lift glad voice in solemn awe, for this brief second of time shall never tick the tock again. Contact us if any of these links fail you.

Public Enemy #1 or ) John Dillinger and friends

Woodland Nymph has a terrible title, doesn't it? Yet the writing is crisp and clear; the plot is fresh, unique and exciting. It has lingered long in my memory, a cherished friend.

Science Fiction

Secrets of the Six Star Ranch, 

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The Loon in Walden Pond  *  Yes, We Have No Bananas  *  The Amazing History Of The One Dollar Bill  *  Bullies Better Beware  * Love And Reason Among Animals  *

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