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Before we start, Your friendly Government insists that we post a warning that CHILDREN under 13 cannot click any of our links without the prior consent of at least one parent or guardian.

This will work best if parents or guardians let their children know that they care what the child watches, reads and studies. The best way to do this is to set aside a time when there will be a group discussion about what each child has read, and learned that week.  Meetings should be held at least once a week, and even more often if you have a brilliant or creative child at home.

It is IMPORTANT that You
Let Your Children know that you Care
where they Can Surf, and Where They Can't.

 Angel Krishna's next project is: 

Gabby’s Space Adventure This is a picture book about a little hippo that wants to go to space and won’t let anyone tell her she can’t do it!

Angel thinks it is important for kids to go for their wildest dreams and believe in themselves, even when the odds are against them. "The first step is Liking yourself! When you come to accept the reality of who you really are, you are half way there. Deal or don’t, but just find what you love about being you." 

Yes, you will make changes as you move forward in life but stick with the core that is you.. "There are some things I love about me, and of course there are some things I don’t like."

Don’t let your mind dwell too long on things you can't change or you will drain yourself.

"I’m a mom, and although my children are almost all grown up, I still love to tell the kind of stories that teach important values in life to the children of our world.


   Education is key!  

Angel Krishna suggests that all of us should take every opportunity to acquire more education. "Listen and learn. Does this sound a bit cliché? It may, but this is the very first thing I would tell my younger self. Look, whether it be traditional college or a different avenue, you must gain knowledge by learning.

"I feel I should have listened more instead of jumping first. I have learned certain skills and knowledge because I learned to listen, then act on the information I received."

No matter what your age might be, "Be Creative in Learning. Don’t just leave everything parked behind closed doors when the day is over. Be that person that takes the initiative and seeks other ways to acquire hands-on-learning." 

Reach out around you. "Make those connections that will teach you something in real time."

Find out what is left under the Christmas tree!

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